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Film Screening

At Five in the Afternoon (Afghanistan)

Sunday 26th, 7pm

With the Taliban ousted from the country, Nogreh (Agheleh Rezaie), a young woman living in Kabul, Afghanistan, sees a chance to pursue a more open-minded education. Though Nogreh's father (Abdolgani Yousefrazi) wants her to stick to tradition, the assertive scholar opts to attend a non-religious school instead. In her secular classroom, she finds encouragement from instructors and discovers a mentor in the form of a well-read poet (Razi Mohebi), who introduces her to Western literature.

Director: Samira Makhmalbaf

Run Time: 105 minutes

As part of our South Asian Film Festival, see all the films by clicking here! 

We have limited seating at The GAP so if you want to come along to a film please click attending on eventbrite so we can best accommodate!

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