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A monthly event for young Brum artists of all flavours to meet, learn, share, discuss & 'ave a bit o' fun together in a relaxed & welcoming space.

For this month's instalment, you are invited to...

~ View our newly opened exhibition, Shifting Structures, which includes   artworks by Gem Douglas & Shirin Naveed and is part of Refugee Week   2018 (18 - 24 June). There will be the chance to give feedback to the   artists   & discuss the issues raised within the work.

 Further info -

~ Bring along & share your ideas for shaping the next Artists' Mesh Up #3   (26 July). Is there a skill you'd like to share? A topic you'd like to discuss?   Some work you'd like to show? An activity you'd like to run? A dish you'd   like to cook? Etc...

~ Hear about & apply for various opportunities at The GAP, including       studio space, holding your own exhibition, selling your craft items in our     shop, volunteering, and more.

~ Eat some free vegan food, cooked by the wonderful Caleb Steer 

 Bring your own drinks!

Accessibility note: Unfortunately our basement space is currently only accessible via a flight of stairs.

Meet Up

Artist Mesh Up #2

Thursday 21 June, 7 - 11pm




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