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Community Conversation

Breaking the Silence

Sunday 24th March, 3:00pm - 5:30pm





We’re inviting friends, neighbours, residents and citizens to join a conversation about suspect communities and mass blame.

The voices that spout hatred towards innocent communities are growing in confidence. How have these voices been permitted and legitimised, both consciously and inadvertently? What is the impact of silence in response? How can we break the silence between communities and across generations to counter mass blame and hate crime and support those from ‘suspect’ communities effectively.

A community conversation open to all who want to talk and to listen.

Among those joining in the conversation are: Moazzam Begg (held in extrajudicial detention by the US government in Guantanamo Bay for three years, 2002-5), Chris Cooper (playwright of The Silence) and Professor Gavin Schaffer (Senior Lecturer in British History at the University of Birmingham and leading researcher into 'Suspect Communities'), Dr Chris Allen (Associate Professor in Hate Studies at the University of Leicester) and brap (a national community action based charity organisation).


Refreshments provided

Book tickets for the event here:

To get the most out of the event we encourage you to view a performance of The Silence. Get tickets following the link below, with discounted tickets for students and u25’s available.

Book tickets for the event here:

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