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Brum: Anti-racist, anti-fascist Feminisms

Friday 5th October, 7pm - 9pm




Hosted by Plan C Birmingham & Women's Strike Assembly 

The Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly are currently organising for feminists of all genders to oppose the Democratic Football Lads Alliance on Oct 13th in London. Our aim is to disrupt the far right’s attempt to use our experiences of sexual violence for their racist agenda. It is time to put an end to the lie that all the victims are white women and all the perpetrators are Black and Asian men. Sexual violence happens in every country, culture and community – and in our own homes. It will not be stopped by tightening borders, limiting immigration and scapegoating minorities. The far right, who want a return to ‘traditional’ family and gender roles, can never be the saviours of women.

The far right’s portrayal of rape and child abuse as problems unique to men in Asian communities is not only dishonest, it is offensive to the millions of survivors of gendered violence. The reality of sexual violence is that it is overwhelmingly committed by people that are in our everyday lives: our spouses, partners, fathers, uncles, ex-partners, bosses, teachers, priests, and sports coaches.

Now is not the time be silent and stay at home. With large sections of the mainstream media and increasing numbers of politicians singing the same tune as the far right, the need to build an anti-racist feminist movement is more urgent than ever. To do so, we must begin by recognising and valuing the previous struggles of our feminist mothers and grandmothers in fighting against racism and defeating the far right.

Join us for an evening of discussion on feminist anti-fascist organising. How have feminists led the anti-fascist and anti-racist struggles in the past? What were their most successful strategies, and their major challenges, and what are ours today? What could an anti-fascist movement that puts feminism and anti-racism at the forefront of its concerns – and which is inclusive of all genders – look like in the future?

Guest speakers from the London assembly TBC. Buy your tickets down to London for the demo here:

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