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Children in Movement

Birmingham's Heritage of Child Migration 1939 - 2015

11th September - 18th December 2018




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An intimate portrait of Birmingham's human heritage

Birmingham, ethnically the richest city in the UK, is a city of stories, languages and journeys. shaped over centuries by the ebb and flow of peoples from all over the globe. Many who now live here came as young  people, arriving over decades from overseas, each with a story to tell and a future to contribute.

Funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Children in Movement is a collection of photographs, interviews and testimonies of 35 of those residents, all of whom migrated to Birmingham over the last 80 years. Researched, recorded and carefully curated by a young team of oral historians, it offers an extraordinary portrait of our city's human heritage, an intimate mosaic of personal stories that together fill the void in which prejudice and distorted narratives about immigration thrive.

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Children in Movement events: 

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Talk: Professor Gavin Schaffer - Mass Blame and the Irish experience: the aftermath of the Birmingham Pub Bombings

Thursday 29 November 7.30pm

Gavin is Professor of History at the University of Birmingham, and a leading academic on ‘suspect communities’, specifically the Irish community in the wake of the Birmingham Pub Bombings which rocked the city in 1974.


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Donations welcome.


Talk: Jon Bloomfield – Migration and the Making of Modern Birmingham

Sunday 9 November 3pm

Jon Bloomfield works in Birmingham, focusing on cities, Europe and climate change, and is the author of forthcoming publication Our City: Migration and the Making of Modern Birmingham.

Race and migration are the most volatile and explosive issues in British politics today. In contrast to the tabloid headlines, Jon will explore how one of Britain’s major cities has been transformed for the better by its migrant population, and argue for a firm defence of the principles of racial equality with a confident assertion of why mixed, open societies are the way forward for 21st century cities, and why migrants are central to their future dynamism and prosperity.


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Donations welcome.

Live Performances: Songs for Migration II

Tuesday 9th December 7pm

Celebrating International Migrants Day and marking the close of the Children in Movement project, we’re hosting an unmissable evening of music, poetry and song, featuring local heroes Ire-ish as headlining act, supported by a colourful line-up of singers, musicians and performance poets from many of Birmingham’s migrant communities.


Pay as you feel, minimum donation £4

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The Children in Movement exhibition is accompanied by a full-colour catalogue available to buy from The GAP. Please visit our website for updates on accompanying events. The exhibition is available for touring from January 2019. 

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