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Colour Me Queer Launch

30 September 6pm - 9pm


























Colour Me Queer is a project that has been organised by The GAP and is a series of zines which explore the intersectional relationships regarding being a Queer Person of Colour. 

We have been meeting every week for the past couple of months to produce this and we are really excited for you to join us in celebrating its publication!

Join us this evening as we launch the zines, eat food, watch films and discuss all things related to the zines.

6 - 7pm: Short films, including: Magic by Laura Kirwan-Ashman, TOO WIDE by Moyin Saka, Moisurizing by Daniel Brathwaite-Shirley and more!

7:15 - 8:15: Workshop led by Sun Ra

8:30 - 9:00: Disicussion on queer black and brown health under capitalism

There will be some food and drink (non alc) provdided, if you want to drink its byob.

The zines are:
- Who Built the Closet:
A zine which deconstructs colonialist and particarchal discourses related to queerness.

- From Gay to Zed:
Are labels useful? Who gets to define who we are and why?

- For a Caring City:
What stratgeries can we gather to take care of ourselves? What is the relationship between being a QPoC, mental health and capitalism?

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