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Workshop on Asylum Interview Process by End Deportations Brum

Saturday 15th June, 10am - 12pm





Hosted by End Deportations Brum


"This is the first of a series of breakfast skill-share workshops focused on different stages of the asylum process.

This first workshop will focus on the Asylum Interview Process.

The idea is to then do follow up workshops that go through Statement Preparation; Evidence Gathering; Responding to Refusal Letters; Preparing For Appeals; and Preparing Fresh Asylum Claims for people who have been through the process and been refused.

The workshops are open to everyone - it is entry level and no prior knowledge or experience is required. However, it may be most useful for people who are going through the asylum process, people who have already been through the process and those who are still waiting for a positive decision, and people who are interested in supporting people through the process.

If you'll need support with translation please let
us know by emailing us at
We will try our best to arrange for interpreters to be present, although unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it will be possible."

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