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Industry, Technology and the City:

Paintings by Alistair Scarrott

22nd August - 16th September




This is the first solo exhibition by the young Birmingham-based artist Alistair Scarrott. Working onto canvas or wood and incorporating collage and mixed media elements, the artist creates bold, textured and multi-layered paintings which playfully and critically comment upon the manmade world around us.


The exhibition presents selected works from the artist’s two most recent projects. Works from the first collection explore how humanity has created its own landscape through the growth of cities and industry. By creating crude and colourful depictions of cityscape architecture, the artist rebels against the uniformity and seriousness  of built-up, industrialised cities.


Out of this project developed the second collection of works. These paintings begin to look more critically at the institutions and technologies that govern life within the industrialised city, as well as the processes that feed it and keep it running, such as the use of sweatshops in countries like Thailand and China.


The exhibition as a whole collates work that expresses the artist's distaste with much of the modern world, and the deep-rooted systems of corruption and injustice that uphold the privileged lifestyles that many of us lead. The pieces are also deeply personal, ridden with text outlining the artist's thoughts, experiences and memories surrounding each place and subject in the work.

Evening View

Wednesday 30th August, 6.30 - 8.30pm 

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