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Film Screening: Araya

Hosted by Classless Society Cinema

Thursday 16th May, 7.00pm - 10:00pm





This documentary from 1959 depicts the gruelling lives of the workers in the Araya peninsula of Venezuela, where around the 1500s the Spanish discovered salt.


Poignantly shot deliberately in black and white, the style was hailed a masterpiece of poetic cinema; the camera illuminates the toils and conditions of its subjects who live in shacks next to the barren salt marshes and whose arduous, backbreaking exploitation made possible the wealth of those in Europe who profited.

The film was entered into the Cannes film festival in 1959 alongside Alan Renais´`Hiroshima Mon Amour´, after which the film fell into obscurity and the director almost completely forgotten.

After the screening there will be time for a discussion and socialising at the GAP´s newly opened bar and cafe!

Dir: Margot Benacerraf, 1959, Venezuela

**From 7pm vegan food will be available from The Real Junk Food Project for a donation of £3.**

Film at 7:30
Running time: 90 mins

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