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Films by Ahsen Sayeed

Ramadan in Birmingham

Peace After Christchurch

Thursday 6th June -  Saturday 8th June





Over the next few days we are showing two films by local filmmaker Ahsen Sayeed who has been filming Ramadan in Birmingham for the past couple of years. Screening only until Saturday so come and check them out!

Ramadan in Birmingham:
Ramadan helps to bring friends and family together, put differences aside, see the world as a bigger picture and how we can impact the way things are perceived.
This video goes through a journey of the night before the final fast, showing the celebrations on Coventry Road and in Small Heath Park, from sunset to sunrise.

Peace After Christ Church:
After the events of New Zealand, Muslims around the globe came together to spread the word of peace.
This video documents Muslims from Birmingham answering questions such as what a peaceful world looks like, what makes them happy and how they define the month of Ramadan

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