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FlowMotion Freestyle Cipher 5


Thursday 19th September, 6.30pm - 10pm

Flowmotion 5.jpeg

This month's set up is a little different. Before we start the cipher we will be showing the This is the Life" documentary 👾


Idafe and her sisters ran the health food market and "Good Life Cafe" that for years hosted open mics rocked by West coast hiphop luminaries such as Freestyle Fellowship, J5, Pigeon John, Medusa, Abstract Rude Tribe Unique and other Project Flowed people's.

This became fertile ground for honing skills, styles where emcees cane together to build, encourage, sharpen, have fun and at times tell someone below par to "Step to the Side"

An oft ignored antithesis to the well peddled idea that the West Coast of USA only had so-called gangster rap (also enjoyed but balance is important), this is a wonderful benchmark for a type of culture we value as Flowmotion.

Can’t wait to set the cipher in motion.
Bring ya skills!


Freestyle rap cipher/ fly sky concepts/ bring your skills/ bring your friends
Free entry.

Cipher definition -

“A gathering of two or more emcees/rappers who freestyle and/or rhyme and rap, (usually in a circle i.e. the cipher) whilst playing off each other’s vibes.”

To create a culture of freestyle and lyrical excellence; to celebrate different styles; to have fun; and to build.

Flow Motion Cipher:
We call emcees, rappers and other vocalists (poets, singers, toasters) and all friends to get with the spirit of the Flow Motion Cipher.

Three hours of beats and rhymes. There will be different zones to bring your skills, vibes, content and forms.

1. Flow zone: Open to all… bring anything to test, explore and impress
2. Freestyle zone: Off-the-dome bars only
3. Topic zone: Only rhymes about the designated topic/theme - ‘written’ or freestyles
4. Topic freestyle zone: As above but off-the-dome only!

We want to encourage folks to step out of their comfort zones. We want poets to get stylish; street prophets to get poetic; space cats to come back to earth; clay lifers to go to space and everything else in between. We want participants and onlookers alike to encourage and challenge each other. Catch the vibe…add to the vibe… and if you bring the vibe down… step to the side (And pass the mic… or lovingly have it taken from you).

Whether you are fans of Freestyle Fellowship to Black Hippy. Noname to Skimask the Slump God. Dizzee Rascal to Aesop Rock. Divine Styler to Cardi B. Wu Tang Clan to Shadowless. MF Doom to Earl Sweatshirt. Queen Latifah to Roots Manuva. Dungeon Family to Boy Better Know. The Roots to Mist… You get it you get it you get it…

Rules: We don’t like rules but still…

1. Don’t hog the mic! No one wants to hear 256 bars of the same voice. Do your thing and keep the cipher in motion… your turn will come again.

2. Whilst there is a place for pure punch line rap and battle cats - no dissing anyone in the cipher. We want to world build and create a community, not fall into cheap trick territory.

3. Everyone is equal…. but… if the host/DJ ask you to step to the side/pass the mic on - just do it :) you are probably killing the vibe and/or hogging/not following the zone topic etc, but you’ll have another turn soon, don’t worry about it.

Also: some beats will activate very specific topics/themes, which then take over the zone…

The hosts will also be in the know about ‘unlockable achievements’ ( a la video game style ) - we won’t tell you what they are but any individuals who ‘unlock achievements’ will have a place on the Flow Motion wall of fame.

Flow Motion is for practitioners and spectators alike. Tell all friends!



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