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Hosted by Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham


Doors open 7.30pm £5 entry

Radial Band with Soufian Saihi
A spectrum of ancient and original music roaming from Europe and Scandinavia to the heat of Portugal & North Africa. Drawing on influences from their own traditions, the Radial Band & Soufian Saihi present music with “an earthy, ethereal ambience – crisp, propulsive & exquisite.”

Griselda Sanderson (UK): nyckelharpa, violin
Louis Bingham (UK): cittern, tambura
Ricardo de Noronha (Portugal): percussion, flutes
Soufian Saihi (Morocco): oud

Griselda has worked with West & North African musicians including Amadou Diagne (Senégal), Juldeh Camara (Gambia) & Simo Lagnawi (Morocco). She grew up in Scotland and specialises in bowed strings.
Louis studied traditional music in Newcastle and specialises in ethnic plucked strings. His first album Curlicue was a mix of Irish and Breton music and his repertoire ranges from the Eastern Mediterranean to Scandinavia.
Soufian Saihi is a singer and oud player from Morocco. He studied with Master Hafid Boudribila.While in France he played Arabic-Andalusian music with Algerian and French jazz musicians. He now lives in the UK where he established his multi-ethnic group Karama.
Ricardo de Noronha is a Portuguese percussionist who played with one of Portugal’s best known folk acts Mandragora, performing at numerous Mediaeval festivals. He plays middle-eastern percussion and the fujara, a Slovakian shepherd’ pipe.


Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham presents:

Radical Band with Soufian Saihi

Tuesday 16 February, 8 - 10:30pm





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