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Local Electronica, Open Mic : The MIX Thursday Socials

Electronic DJ Open Mic

Thursday 27th February 2020, 7 - 10pm

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The MIX Thursday social is inviting all to come play/improvise/discuss electronic music and its makings in an intimate cafe setting. 


We are looking for performers of ambient, lo-fi, chilled, electronica music that won't detract but conduce towards a social atmosphere. Music to punctuate and fill the pauses in warm and relaxed conversation.


The format of the night is open mic but due to the logistics of setting up, requests to play in advance of the night are highly appreciated. 


If you'd like to play or want to point someone our way, contact with details of your name, links to music, space/equipment required and how long you'd like to play for.


We encourage those new to music and new to performing to attend and make new friends and try out their music in a welcoming and safe space.


£1 entry with all proceeds going to sustaining The GAP.

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