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Making Roots

1st - 24th August 2018

Making Roots is a series of creative summer workshops, using arts and crafts to explore Britain's relationship with Nigeria, India, Jamaica and other countries.


What will we explore...?

How did the spices of cumin, chilli and black pepper find their way to the UK?

How do we have a Balti triangle in Birmingham?

Who is Joesph Chamberlain and what role did he have in creating Nigeria?

How did Jamaican culture become popular in this country?


What will we make...?

Creative maps showing how particular spices have travelled the world...

Clay models of the British train lines that ran through West Africa....

A drama looking at the life of Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus in India...

And lots more!


Discover stories about other countries and explore how Britain came to be the country it is today.

To book your place please email



Every Wednesday and Friday, 3 – 5pm

Ages: 8 – 15


Cost: £10 for all the sessions


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