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Post-Election Cuppa & Chat 

Saturday 14th December, 2 - 4pm


Are you left feeling disappointed / devastated / desperate after the General Election results?

Join us at The MIX for a casual drop-in social creating space for sharing our fears and hopes for the future with one another over cups of tea....whether you want to discuss in depth or simply be in a friendly space among others.

Now more than ever it is vital that we build & maintain caring community spaces. Spaces where we can come together to open up desperately-needed dialogues, to support each other through our various & shared struggles, and to make plans for how to create a better society/world together.

We at The MIX are working to become such a space, to bring together Balsall Heath residents from all walks of life to collectively build community resilience, understanding and mutual aid in the face of ongoing attacks upon the most vulnerable in our society.

Get in touch or come along if you have any ideas on how to make this happen!

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