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Esther Ogunfeitimi presents: A Night of Live Music,

Spoken Word & Performance

Friday 20th September, 7pm - 10pm

Punch Listening session_edited.jpg

Esther is a London-born, Birmingham-based spoken word artist whose uses her environment, culture and tradition as her main influence. She has performed at various events such as Glofest, Gallery 37 and Hit the Ode.

Her love of the arts was nurtured through singing in church and acting in school plays. At a young age she discovered the power of writing as a tool of expression and is always exploring creative ways of sharing her words. As well as her spoken word performance, Esther's craft incorporates singing and theatre, and she also uses her privilege as a journalist to share and articulate other people’s stories in unique and varied ways.

One major obstacle she has faced is a lack of confidence, but she has decided to turn this fear into art. Esther's desire is for her writing to inspire minds to think and see things differently, and to shine a light on issues or feelings that remain unspoken.

Esther will be hosting her 'Healing through Arts' listening party at The GAP Arts Project. This will be a unique experience, as Esther welcomes you further into her creative world, showcasing her thought-provoking poetry, music production and singing, as she aims to spark conversations around the theme of 'Healing.' Featuring guest performances and a DJ, this will be a night to listen, move and enjoy.

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