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  • Ella Marshall

Mapping Migration

We are in the final stages of collecting our 36 interviews for Children in Movement - and what a wonderful journey it has been so far. The variety of stories we have heard and documented has been incredible, each with their own unique intricacies but all just as fascinating, moving and historically important.

I began creating this interactive map to document what areas of the world have been covered through our interviews so far. The plan is to create a much more layered and complex map as one of the methods of presenting our findings, possibly as an interactive element within the exhibition that enables visitors to visualise the geography of where people have journeyed from when listening to their stories.

Have a play around with the map above! You can zoom in and out, toggle across the globe, and click on marker points to find out who we have interviewed, where they were born, and the year of their migration to Birmingham/UK. If you want to see it on a larger scale, click on the 'Expand' button on the top right of the map, and it will open in a new tab.

We are still looking for our final few interviewees - if you know of anyone who migrated to the UK and/or Birmingham aged 25 or under - especially from areas currently not covered, which you can make out from the gaps in the map - please do tell them about the project and send them our way!

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