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Apni Dunia 

October 19th 2017

















A new drama programme for South Asian boys aged 14 – 18.


(Limited places)

Using particular drama in education methods this project will explore what it means to be a young South Asian in the world today, in this very particular time that we live in.

This is a world that is characterised by growing xenophobia, Brexit, increasing mental health issues for young people, cuts to arts, radicalisation and more.


We will use Euripde’s Children of Heracles, a classic Ancient Greek text that is rich with themes of migration, otherness, asylum and more, to ask and explore questions such as What do British Values mean to young South Asians? Why does it mean to be from a diaspora? What does it mean to be a young person of colour in the world today? What does it mean mean to be human?


Drama offers a safe space to explore these questions creatively, with sensitivity and nuance.


We aim to develop this into a ongoing theatre company and work towards a production.

If you, or someone you, would like to take part in this project then email

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