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Stories from the Threshold

October - March 2018





















Ever wondered why certain stories have such a powerful impact on us?

Or what role stories can play in the lives of young people as we move into adulthood in a challenging world? 

Stories from the Threshold invites you to explore the phenomena of story.

You'll learn about the impact stories have had on the development of human culture throughout history; about different storytelling traditions around the world; and you'll experience a variety of professional storytelling performances.

The core of the project is about exploring the stories that are significant for you - maybe discovering new ones, digging up old ones or developing your own. Focusing on eperiences of crossing thesholds, and moving from one state of being to another, we will explore how we can harness the power of story to help ground us at critical times of transition in our lives.

You will experiment with a range of art forms and creative practices to produce your own tellings of your chosen tales - from spoken word, photo-story, handmade book or one of many other creative formats.

The sessions will be led by artists from The GAP with inputs from a leading story teller, a playwright and a story-hirstorian. The work created by you will be shared at a public exhibition at the culmination of the project. 


Starting 3 October 2017

Tuesdays 6.30 - 8.30pm

Ages 14 - 18 years old. No experience necessary.

Places are limited so please email to book and guarantee your place. 



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