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Talk and Q&A:

A brief history & possible future of climate justice with Dr Leon Sealey-Huggins

Thursday, 29 August 2019, 7pm - 8.30pm




Leon's Talk.jpeg

In this talk, Dr Leon Sealey-Huggins, lecturer in Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick, will explore climate change from the perspective of climate justice.

Leon’s work centres on the social and political relations of climate change, with a particular focus on the Caribbean region. In his research Leon considers the sociology and politics of climate change in the Caribbean, investigating what climate justice means in the context of global historical, and present, inequalities. Leon is particularly keen to bring a sociological lens to bear upon what are often very unsociological, and depoliticised, discussions of climate change.

Leon will consider the possibilities for justice in response to the climate crisis, and the risks at stake if justice is not pursued.

Further information about Leon, his research and publications can be viewed here:

This free talk is brought to you in partnership with The Gap and forms part of a series of workshops organised by Forward! Arts as part of the Return to Nature programme. For more information about the Return to Nature festival and other activities please visit

No tickets required.

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