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Film Screening

On Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre

1st November, 7pm
















Join Feminist Action Birmingham for a film showing and discussion on the issues of detention centres, specifically Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre, in the run up to the Yarl's Wood Demo on Saturday 18th November (see links at the bottom for the event page for the demo).

We will be showing two short films. The first is an undercover journalism piece by Channel 4 News which exposes the racist and patriarchal violence and abuse underpinning the functioning of Yarl's Wood and the detention system in general. Using mainly interviews, the second focuses on presenting first hand accounts of ex-detainees' experiences at Yarl's Wood, and their engagement in activism upon release.

** Content warning - mentions of sexual abuse, self harm and suicide, and explicitly racist and misogynistic language **

This is an opportunity to educate and stratergise for the demonstration. This is an opportunity to demand the closure of these racist, sexist and imperialist institutions. 

Also speaking at the event will be someone who has been through the asylum and/or detention system themselves, and Sarah Cope, the campaigns and policy officer for Women for Refugee Women.

Snacks and childcare provided.

Book your place on the coach to the demo from Birmingham or Coventry here! -

Event for the Yarl's Wood Demo (18 Nov):

Feminist Action Birmingham:






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