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The Other-Wise Project is a series of creative and participatory explorations with young people that explores, challenges and rethinks the old ideas that shape contemporary education.

Check out the outcomes of:

  • Works produced by the projects Resident Artists Rumbidzai Savanhu, Robbie Dalal and Hassan Rahmani.

Summer School

Over the course of a few months

The GAP's Culture Collective took part in several activities to flesh out their experiences of mainstream schooling and began to design their own summer school that facilitated other young people to not just survive, but to thrive.


They not only re-thought what we was being taught, but how we are taught, and why we are taught particular things.


Coming Soon

The Other-Wise Summer School

Just Another One Of Those Days

A radio play performed by The GAP's Youth Theatre

Why do we exclude people and then expect them to be part of society?

When the school becomes a site of coercion and punishment, where else might we learn? 

These are two important questions that The GAP's Youth Theatre creatively and critically investigated when exploring the content of the new piece of writing, especially commissioned for the Youth Theatre,

'Just Another One Of Those Days', written by Arron Singh Gill and Beth Slinn. The play follows a young boy from Balsall Heath as he seeks community and justice following his school exclusion.

Listen to the play on Spotify or on Apple Podcasts by following the links.

If you don't have either you can listen on our native player, however the audio is of slightly less quality.

Special thanks to No More Exclusions for their support, to everyone who contributed to the Oral History interviews, to Chris Cooper for mentoring Beth and Arron, to Neffy for photographing the Youth Theatre and to Kate Thompson for producing the audio. 

Just Another One Of Those Days
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Resident Artists

Resident Artists

Over nine months Resident Artists (left to right) Hassan Rahmani, Rumbidzai Savanhu and Robbie Dalal explored the themes of The Other-Wise Project through their art practices and also completed a mini-residency at The Shakespeare Birth Place Trust.

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